Sunday, 13 April 2008

in spiked this week

Patrick West

Back to the Dark Age

From celebrating the earth-loving Celts to the myth of Robin Hood as a merry old cove with loads of mates: medievalism is on the march.

"Medievalism is an affectation of Western societies in the process of transition, specifically for those uneasy about the direction in which this transformation is taking them. Since the certitudes of modernity began to collapse in the 1970s, and as we entered an age of postmodernity in the 1980s, medievalism has become increasingly fashionable. Meanwhile ‘modernity’ itself has become a dirty word along with ‘progress’ and ‘civilisation’, words one seldom sees written without those snide, contemptuous inverted commas..."


Anonymous said...

This is actually a comment about 'Resisting the new cookery conformity' from Spiked in early April, but it doesn't seem to be published on your blog.

Anyway, it struck me that you must either have never been to a dinner party, or to an awful lot of crap ones, to object to free food & wine and good conversation with friends. This is my usual recipe for a good dinner (or rather supper) party. Is it really a radically different concept from a 'few pints then a kebab'? Except that it's wine rather than beer, and nicer food.

I'm rather tempted to invite you round next time I have a bunch of people over to eat (cooking for other people is one of my favorite things), except I'm not sure you would be sufficiently entertained byt the crowd of musicians that make up the vast proportion of my friends (I'm a musician too).

But I hope you find some nice people who will initiate you into the joys of a great supper party.

Patrick West said...

Cheers mate! I appreciate the invite, but you really can't beat a kebab. Even a falafel one...