Saturday, 23 February 2008

in spiked this week

Patrick West
What daytime TV ads reveal about Britain
Forced to move in with my parents in Kent, I’m slowly turning into a Daily Mail reader – helped along by some depressing intercessions on TV.

‘Everyone’s talking about car insurance.’ So proclaims one particularly annoying advert on daytime TV at the moment. Really? Have you met anyone who has ever talked about car insurance?

I bet you haven’t. I’ve never met anyone who has talked about car insurance. The truth is that no one ever talks about car insurance. The only people who are obsessed with car insurance are the companies that advertise on Channel 4 and ITV3 during the daytime.

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Anonymous said...

There is one section of society that talks about car insurance frequently. This is parents of 17 year old kids who find out what it will cost to let them drive the family car. Mr. Middle Class of SW London.