Saturday, 2 August 2008

in spiked August 1

By Patrick West

The Countdown to the end
With Des O’Connor and Carol Vorderman departing, the end is nigh for Channel 4’s words and numbers quiz.

"Du-du, du-du, du-du-du-duhh, BONG.

With Des O’Connor and Carol Vorderman both announcing this week that they are leaving the show, it’s time to ask: is Channel 4’s afternoon quiz programme Countdown finished? Alas, I fear it is...."

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susan said...

This is an inappropriate place to put this comment as it belongs to an treasure not yet on here, but appearing in "Spiked" entitled "Forget the games - here come the gee-gee's". And what a treasure it is.
All I saw of the games was the opening ceremony, and to me it was totally wonderful and inspiring. So my Olympic experience was good.
But I did pick up wafts of dissension even when they were traveling with the flag.
I think from Britain it is sour grapes that they build such a beautiful, well working airport terminal in 1 and a half days and I doubt they have lost 10 pieces of luggage there.

The world you described created a yearning in this jaded old thing.
A yearning to spend some time at the track, in the hum of the bookies.
Thanks Patrick