Friday, 23 May 2008

in spiked this week

By Patrick West

What JD and Co. reveal about real life‘Realistic’ hospital shows like Casualty are actually unrealistic, and painfully moralistic. The weird and surreal Scrubs is much closer to the truth.

"Two questions. Why are hospital dramas usually so crap? And why do mainstream channels ignore genuinely good television comedies?

This was brought to my mind while watching a re-run of the US hospital comedy series Scrubs on E4 the other night. This is one of the most underrated programmes of our time. So why has this Joycean, surreal and brilliant comedy been perpetually relegated to Channel 4’s digital-only entertainment channel, E4, and UKTV’s blokeish re-run channel, Dave? Its rightful place should be on Channel 4 at least, or on BBC1 and ITV1 at best."


Rob H said...

All well and good, but a little fact-checking wouldn't go amiss. Scrubs has never been on Dave. Look at the series listing for the channel:

Scrubs is on E4, Paramount Comedy 1, and I think I may have seen an early series recently on Virgin 1.

And I think you gloss over the subtleties of Scrubs. It isn't so much about its medical setting; it's more about the interpersonal relationships that have developed over the last few years.

You've very much simplified it, and don't even mention that the majority of the humour is derived from JD's "what if..." asides.

I get the feeling that you've surmised the whole series just from watching the first season, as the characters have hugely developed from the simple descriptions you've applied to them.

Anonymous said...

What about 'Bodies' as a pretty good hospital drama, with insight into medical professionals' relationships and politics