Friday, 7 September 2007

in spiked this week

Rugger buggers vs
90-minute bigots
Rugby snobs who denounce 'soccer' for its rowdy fans and shocking chants are missing the point: football is theatre.

"There are few things more tiresome in sport than rugby union fans boasting that their pursuit, as a spectacle and in its ethics, is superior to what they refer to as ‘soccer’. (OK, perhaps there are more annoying observations that are constantly regurgitated: that we ‘now have the technology’ to implement video refereeing in football; that the grunting by female competitors at Wimbledon is unladylike and that the price of strawberries and cream has become exorbitant; or that – and I cannot believe I actually heard someone make this point on BBC Radio Five Live the other day – American wrestling is fixed.)

Still it is annoying, and with the onset of the World Cup I guess you can imagine what the rugger buggers have been saying in the media, comparing their sport favourably to that ghastly game for proletariat ruffians..."

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Rob Blake said...


In response to your Spiked article entitled 'Heather Mills and the nutty Beatles'

I would admit that your views on hippies conform to the accepted modernist materialist viewpoint, but in my opinion are still entirely wide of the mark. The irony is that your infantile views would not even be heard without the technology born of the very people you seek to denigrate.

The Internet, World Wide Web and Personal Computer all have roots in the hippy era, one way or another. Steve Jobs of Apple computer fame was a famous hippy, and Richard Stallman, originator of the Free Software movement, credits the grateful dead for inspiring him to create the original GPL license. A license that is still with us today and that covers most if not all of the software found in modern Linux distributions.

I would suggest you read 'From Satori to Silicon Valley' by Theodore Roszak, and 'What the Dormouse said' by John Markoff before spouting such nasty, uninformed drivel.